Health Checks

The regular health checks you should take advantage of

You don’t have to be unwell to have a medical health check - it's important to visit your doctor if you have symptoms you’re concerned about. You can also take advantage of a range of health checks, tests and vaccines to help you stay healthy.
Cancer Drugs

Cancer cost: The great disparity between treatment for rich and poor

Eye-watering prices for cancer drugs are driving an unprecedented disparity between treatment for the rich and poor in New Zealand. In the first of a three-part series, Donna Chisholm investigates the human cost.
work stress

Is work stress making you ill?

Are you experiencing unhappiness and work stress?  Connecting with people face-to-face and mixing up your journey to work can help combat job-related stress, says London GP Ellie Cannon, the author of Is Your Job Making You Ill?
Wait or Pay for Elective Surgery

Health insurance's 'wait or pay' moments

We can't anticipate the impact of what an unforeseen medical event will look like and the dilemma of having to wait or pay for treatment? A lingering uncertainty, that comes at a personal cost to those individuals who have no health insurance.
Reasons to purchase health insurance

Why do I need NZ health insurance?

Over 1.3 million New Zealanders - about 29 percent of the population have health insurance - offering peace of mind in times of distress. You don't know what health problems may affect you in the future and you can't imagine how they will impact on you, your family, your lifestyle or your income.
Radiation Evolution

The radiation evolution improving cancer treatment

Radiotherapy has long been a key treatment in the fight against cancer. And while the basic principles are the same – using X-rays to destroy cancer cells at a DNA level and stop them from reproducing – the technology has come a long way and is evolving apace.

Superfoods: How to get the best nutrients out of your fruit and vegetables

The new king of superfoods, James Wong, says he’s not peddling faddism, but revealing the basic science tricks of how to get the best nutrients out of vegetables.
Types of Health Insurance

Types of health insurance in NZ

There are three main types of health insurance in NZ – Comprehensive, Major Medical and Minor Medical insurance cover. Your cover can be tailored to your requirements. Have you got the right combination to suit you?

Improve Employee Retention

Offering workplace health insurance could be the best option, as it will not only improve your benefit package, but it also may have a plethora of other benefits that could help solve employee retention issues.
Public Health

Public vs. private health insurance

Non-urgent health conditions often face delays in treatment and the public system will place you on a waiting list. These delays will likely worsen over the next decade as demand for treatment is rising faster than the country’s ability to fund it through taxes.
Med-Com Medical Insurance

High-cost claims

No-one expects to require procedures costing many thousands of dollars, but the hard truth is that any of us at some time in our lives could need some form of costly treatment. Make sure that you have the appropriate medical insurance should someone in your family fall ill or have an accident.

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